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alice_icons's Journal

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Welcome to alice_icons, a community for fans of all things Alice in Wonderland to share their artwork.
Maintained by: gunkisfunk and losttheskyagain


001. Art must be related in some way to Alice In Wonderland/American McGee’s Alice.
002. The work you post can be anything from layouts, icons, FO banners, buttons, mini movies, etc. As long as it is your work.
003. Be kind to your fellow members! I want this to be a community everyone can enjoy.
004. You can request graphics all you want, I have nothing against it.
005. If you would, please help promote/advertise this community :]
006. Do not take mine or any of the members work and claim it to be your own
007. If your post is posted somewhere else please but X-POSTED or CROSSPOSTED in the subject line of your post. Not required but appreciated
008. You may advertise other communities here as long as they are Alice in Wonderland/American McGee's Alice related.
009. For any reason at all you are forbid to copy, steal, or edit any of the graphics posted on this community, unless with permission from the creator. Violating this rule will result in immediate banning from the community.

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